US/ES 313 - Sustainable Urban Design

Freiburg is top when it comes to urban planning: it is the most sustainable city in Germany - a child and bicycle-friendly town, the No.1 feel good location. It is internationally renowned for the Rieselfeld and Vauban model districts as well. What you will learn in Freiburg: City planning is challenging and exciting, but also very complex. By dealing with historical, geographical, sociological, psychological, ecological, economic, political and aesthetic aspects, you will learn how interdisciplinary urban planning proceeds. But what is theory without practice? In numerous excursions on foot, by bicycle or via streetcar, you will learn on the spot what impact the concept of market places and city centers has on the whole city, what significance short distances have for district residents, or how, for example, traffic can be reduced in specific areas. Additionally, you will become acquainted with two small towns in the region, Freiamt and Waldkirch, which have created impressive profiles as plus-energy and Slow City communities respectively. The seminar aims to enable you to identify sustainable development opportunities in large and small cities.

This course forms part of the IES Abroad Independent Research Program. It can be combined with the Introduction to Research Module for an additional 1 credit. 

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Environmental Studies
Urban Studies

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