US/CU 399 Granada, City of Arts and Urban Culture

This course offers a critical and dynamic overview to those avant-garde creations happening in Granada during 20th and 21st centuries, including literary, filmic, performing, musical and urban art expressions, and connecting certain emblematic artistic movements and landmarks to the own culture and folklore of the city. We will develop a sociological reflection about the flux of local and itinerant population that has been shaping Granada as a melting pot of innovative and experimental creative tendencies, in dialogue with tradition and inherent idiosyncrasy, generating a space of resistance in the field of arts, from the political and social sphere. This course is intended not only to acquire a larger knowledge of certain unique artistic tendencies, but also to stimulate a flow of critical thinking and foment a cooperative sharing of ideas, in a flexible open way; active participation and engagement with class synergies are crucial components of the final grade.

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Cultural Studies
Urban Studies

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