TH 380 - Acting Then and Now

The course explores key historical theatre cultures in two complementary senses: firstly in terms of their original historical physical and imaginative performance styles, processes, structures and reception (delivered by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art - RADA); secondly, though exploring the relevance and utility of those historic dimensions for current acting/performance practice (the direct IES-delivered component). By experiencing this ‘lattice’ of complementary IES and RADA practical and theory classes, IES students will complete the course with an experiential and reflective understanding of acting stylistics in general and of the contemporary relevance and utility of specifically historic theatre practices and cultures, acting modes and play texts. They will therefore be well armed to meet the challenges of the rehearsal room in relation to ‘the actors’ tool-kit’ and there will be a renewed understanding and impact for students pursuing other performance disciplines such as dramaturgy, directing or stage management. In addition, by means of the personal research project embedded in the course, they will also enhance their ability to research, identify, analyze, interrogate and synthesize concepts and practices and to present their findings critically and lucidly in both written and more directly presentational modes.

*Syllabus pending approval

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Theatre Arts

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This course will appeal to theatre majors or minors but, space permitting, is open to any students with an active interest in performance.

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