SP 351i - Spanish Language in Context: Independent Abroad I Intensive

During this course students will develop communicative skills related to explanatory and argumentative interactions on a number of sociocultural topics. Students will gain proficiency in the skillful use of the language: They will be able to build upon their grammatical knowledge and vocabulary, exploit their communicative resources when engaging with native speakers in fluent conversation, give a presentation on a complex topic, and hold argumentative debates.

Research has demonstrated that study abroad can enhance every aspect of language ability. One of the most important general findings of this research is, however, that study abroad is most beneficial for the development of abilities related to social interaction. Students who go abroad are able to learn how to produce language in a variety of situations, such as the making of requests, the use of compliments, and apologies, and they also may develop skills to interpret such interactions within the local cultural context. In short, and logically, study abroad has been shown to enhance the aspects of communicative competence that are most difficult to foster in classroom settings.

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Completion of IES Abroad’s Emerging Independent Abroad

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