SP 347 - Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing and, in particular, writing based on Spanish legends, is one of the most dynamic activities that can be carried out in a Spanish Language Workshop. The specific aim of this course is to learn the mechanisms involved in text writing and literary creation, while playing creative games to inspire ideas, the origin of short stories, and their own poems. In this workshop, the dynamics are based on narrative elements of Spanish legends and students will participate in a progressive and playful creative journey through letters, words and phrases to a text, their own completed piece of writing.

This is a workshop where imagination and creativity prevail. The first contact, the creative game and the workshop as a starting point are given preference. Therefore, work is based on the three basic learning steps for creative writing: imitate, modify, and recreate. Imitation is the first learning procedure: by repeating, the external is interiorized, and its mechanisms are learned and made ours. Modification means alteration, transgression, and allows identifying diverse possibilities of expression as well as their corresponding effects. Finally, recreation involves a step forward, inventing, giving free rein to your imagination from a given basis that, in this course, is a selection of Spanish legends of all time.

Among all the possibilities offered by a workshop of this type, the idea that reading serves as the basis for expressing a creative act is especially interesting. For writing, reading is necessary, essential, above all. Reading is the main source of ideas and resources, reading provides models to imitate or avoid, reading is the aim of a created text. There is no writing without reading but, at the same time, there is no reading without writing.

The general objectives of this workshop are the following:

  • Encourage writing based on reading (and vice versa).
  • Understand the elements that take part in the creation of a fictional text.
  • Promote active and critical reading.
  • Implement some mechanisms used in the creation of literary works.
  • Identify the connection between language and literature (grammar and literary expression).
  • Create their own texts.

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Creative Writing

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