SP 333 - Spanish for Science and Engineering

In Science, English is undoubtedly the lingua franca for communications. However, more and more scientists are studying Spanish as a foreign language.  It is one of the measures recommended by the Instituto Cervantes (El español, lengua para la ciencia y tecnología, 2009) for the more than 4.000 foreign college students studying Sciences in Spain. Following IES Abroad MAP for Language and Intercultural Communication, this course will prepare students ‘(…) to function in a professional setting, and to undertake further personal or professional projects in the host culture.’ (MAP for Language and Intercultural Communication, 99) 

This course is a language course, taught by Spanish language faculty. In a Spanish for Specific purposes course, you will be learning Spanish through general Science and Engineering texts, and prepare presentations and texts in your field, with an emphasis of connecting ideas, learning specific vocabulary and increasing oral and written proficiency.

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