SP 326 - Spanish for Social Justice: Independent Abroad

This language course introduces students to key concepts in Social Justice in Spain. Through discussions, literary analysis, and vocabulary building, students will develop language skills while also gaining awareness of global issues. They will explore the importance of health, mental well-being, and access to healthcare for individuals and communities. They will examine gender roles, stereotypes, and women's empowerment, and learn to express their views on gender equality in Spanish. They will analyze systemic injustices, discrimination, and social exclusion, as well as learn vocabulary related to sustainable urban practices, climate change, and environmental conservation, and discuss ways to contribute to sustainable cities and communities. Finally, they will engage with topics of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and human rights, developing the language skills to participate in conversations on these topics.

Overall, the Spanish language syllabus integrates language proficiency with a focus on global challenges, empowering students to become active participants in creating a more sustainable, equitable, and fair world.

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Completion of IES Abroad’s SP 302 Emerging Independent Abroad II outcomes from the MAP for Language and Intercultural Communication, as determined by the placement test.

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