SP 323 - Business Spanish: Emerging Independent Abroad

The main objective of this course is to improve oral and written expression and experience the world of work in Spain and Latin America. In order to achieve this goal, students participate in group projects (performances, debates, and oral presentations) and other activities for to expand knowledge of Spanish language and culture. The course also delves into the vocabulary of the workplace and Spanish daily life. At the end of the course, the student will have a better understanding of our everyday culture and the world of business and will speak more fluently and with greater security.

Research has demonstrated that study abroad can enhance every aspect of language ability. One of the most important general findings of this research is, however, that study abroad is most beneficial for the development of abilities related to social interaction. Students who go abroad can learn to do things with words, such as requesting, apologizing, or offering compliments, and they may also learn to interpret situations calling on such speech acts in ways that local people do… In short, and logically, study abroad has been shown to enhance the aspects of communicative competence that are most difficult to foster in classroom settings.

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