SP 303 - Spanish Language in Context: Emerging Independent Abroad III

Students will reinforce linguistic resources for their personal and social development in everyday situations, such as those with the family, the classroom, medical situations, public service information requests, etc. In this course, special emphasis will be made on the students’ gradual achievement of their confidence with language use, as well as their control of basic communicative structures for routine everyday situations. The course content is intended to offer students a grammatical, lexical, pragmatic and socio-cultural basis sufficient to facilitate students’ improvement of the Spanish language, and, likewise, to promote analytical and reflective skills to face the challenges of the language and to promote the development of self-learning.

Student Profile: Students entering this level must be able to fulfill the learning outcomes of the Novice Abroad level, as defined by the IES Abroad MAP for Language and Intercultural Communication. Specifically, they should already be able to express themselves on a variety of concrete, everyday topics and meet their basic needs in the language. Students who enter this level may be more proficient in reading and writing skills than oral communication, especially if they have never traveled or studied abroad previously. Although students may have been exposed previously to certain competencies taught at this level, they need additional practice and instruction to move toward mastery of these competencies.  Students at this level may succeed in partner university courses as long as such courses are primarily designed for international students and/or require passive student linguistic participation (art studios, dance).

As students gain more self-awareness and self-confidence, they will attempt more in the community. Paradoxically, this means they may also experience more miscommunications and frustration. Reading and writing require effort, and many students will need to make a special effort in this regard. Students will also develop cultural awareness and skills to work through the challenges of adaptation in the local culture and learn to celebrate their successes.  They will begin to appreciate the value of these language and intercultural skills.

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