SO/CB/EC 335 - Community Development in Context

The course will provide an understanding of poverty, theories of development, principles that underpin development programs, and various approaches to addressing poverty. The course also focuses on community development, which is an integral part of the South African developmental system. Community development has been adopted by various public sectors and private sector entities as an approach, philosophy, process, method, and strategy to address basic material, physical- and psycho-social needs of poor and vulnerable communities. Community development is cross-cutting and implementation is often challenged by a variety of policies and programs that are not coherent, integrated, or coordinated, and this impacts service delivery.

The course will explore some key challenges to community development in South Africa, and explore responses to them. Furthermore, the course will expose students to the lived experiences of persons from urban communities. Above all, the course equips students with theoretical and analytical tools with which to reflect on and engage with the world of development in their endeavor to be global citizens. Through practical development work (community-based learning), students will also reflect on and critique widely accepted concepts, theories and approaches to poverty alleviation thereby contributing towards theoretical development.

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Community-Based Learning

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