Research Methodology Seminar - 496

The seminar will introduce students to qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as the design, development, and writing of research and scholarly projects. The course will complement the research tutorial sessions and the internship placements by providing the tools and skills required to carry out research and deliver its outcomes. The seminar will cover the most important research and presentation techniques used in different academic disciplines. The course will underlay academic discussion as a basic tool for the development and success of research projects. Since study abroad is a unique opportunity for experiential learning and cultural interaction, special emphasis will be given to those methods and techniques that imply contact and relationship with local people and/or institutions.

The seminar will have two general foci:

  • Module A: Methodology Workshop At the end of this module, the student must deliver a Research Project Proposal. It should be a detailed research program that includes aims, methodology, and research hypothesis as well as a tentative timeline. This proposal must be signed and approved by the Research Tutor, who will accompany the student during the Tutorial.
  • Module B: Writing Workshop). The aim of the Writing Workshop is to help students write scholarly sections of his research project, using accepted style norms and convincing arguments.

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Research Seminar

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