PS/MG 322 - Organizational Behavior: Psychological Approaches in a European Perspective

Organizations consist of individuals in relationships that together form a complex system that functions in a particular socio-cultural context. Organizational effectiveness requires much more than technical skills and knowledge. Effectiveness requires that individuals are motivated and work well together. Good management means attention to individual well-being and group dynamics.

With its base in contemporary organizational behavior, this course takes a relational and systemic approach, thematizing cultural difference in a European context. The course is specifically intended to focus on the role of individual, relational, and group functioning in the success and failure of organizations. Although innovative product ideas, good financing and marketing plans are important, business success begins and ends with the effective performance of individual employees at all levels, working effectively together as a well-functioning unit. With an eye to relational individual functioning in groups and organizations, this course takes a psychological approach in the context of contemporary organizational theory and research. Business success requires the effective application of theory to real-life situations, the capacity to diagnose and to develop an action plan, as well as effective leadership and team building. To that end, the course will adopt a practical approach, applying theory to practice. Through the readings, discussions, assignments, and experiential activities, the course is designed to help to develop a relational and socially embedded account of individual behavior in organizations.

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