PS/ES 337 - The Sustainable Mindset: Psychology of Behavior

This course will approach psychological factors that have an impact, positive or negative, on behaviors associated with environmental sustainability. These include behaviors related to recycling, mobility, food consumption, use of water, renewable energies, etc. Psychological factors include those related to contexts, such as environmental design and building, social norms and values, collective decision-making and decision-making participation, and the use of rewards and penalties. They also include individual factors: those psychological aspects that, within each individual, and in terms of strategies, skills, and abilities, but also other psychological processes and factors, may enhance or hinder those behaviors aligned with environmental sustainability. These include habit change, change resistance, individual behavior decision-making and planning, health, well-being and affective factors, and information and knowledge about environmental issues.

This course includes research on experiences that foster sustainable environments and behaviors. It will provide the opportunity to experience and design activities and interventions that enhance sustainability and well-being in the environments where they work and live.

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Environmental Studies

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One semester of coursework in psychology, related discipline, or instructor approval.

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