PS 410 - Cultural Perspectives in Psychology

The primary aim of this course is to provide the student, who has a strong background in psychology, the possibility to explore current issues in psychology from a cultural perspective. Two specific topics are viewed through cultural lenses: firstly, the issues surrounding counseling and therapy in an increasingly multicultural society, and secondly, the role of culture in intimate partner violence (IPV) internationally. These topics have been selected as relevant and pertinent issues to reflect on in the Catalan and Spanish cultural contexts.

The third section of the course deals with cultural transitions. The students are provided with the tools to understand the psychological aspects of the study abroad experience in the context of current research in the field of cultural transitions. This course focuses on both the psychological aspects of cultural transitions and the methodological approaches employed to gain an understanding of study abroad students in cultural transition. This topic has been selected as it permits the students to critically appraise the research in their capacity as a study abroad psychology student experiencing cultural transition.

The unique approach taken in this course should both complement and enrich the students’ experience as sojourners and cultural learners, living and studying in a new culture, on both an academic and personal level.

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Psychology major or minor.

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