PS 360 - Cross Cultural Psychology

The primary aim of this course is to provide students with an overview of both established and contemporary knowledge in various areas of psychology from a cross-cultural perspective. By acquiring that knowledge, the students will be able to develop awareness of their own multicultural identity. This course covers key areas in psychology (perception and cognition, emotion, language, personality, and mental health), each viewed through a cultural lens. In so doing, students come to appreciate the limitations and biases derived from the ethnocentrism of western psychology. Given that the students are in Buenos Aires as sojourners, the psychological literature in this area will also be explored.

The course will provide students with an opportunity to assess their own multicultural identity as they approach this new cultural setting. They will also be able to explore several applied topics in cross-cultural psychology at the local level. The course will provide students a chance to apply the acquired knowledge and allow them to gain insight of what cross cultural issues are like.

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