PS 355 - Psychology of Disability: A Closer Look at Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The aim of this course is to provide a framework to understand main characteristics and processes in the field of disabilities. It will also offer the opportunities to implement some relevant interventions aimed to improve functioning and quality of life of persons with disabilities.

To achieve these goals, students will learn about concepts and models most widely accepted in the field of disabilities, and with sound evidence to support them. These are the concepts of quality of life, self-determination, supports, inclusion, and universal design for learning.

Assessment, intervention and evaluation strategies and tools related to those concepts and models will be studied, and used where possible, in order to offer students, the possibility to get familiar not only with those concepts and models, but the processes and practical uses of those tools and strategies. Students will be able, after attending this course, to analyze, assess and implement disability support and programs, and also access relevant further information and documentation if necessary.

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