PS 343 - Psychology and Society In Vienna

This course explores the history and development of psychology in Vienna in the context of 19th century Viennese society. We will cover the classical theory of psychoanalysis, concentrating on the work of Sigmund Freud and the Post-Freudians, including Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, Erik Erikson, Anna Freud, C.G. Jung, and Viktor Frankl. Further, we will explore Carl Rogers’ person-centered approach and investigate its similarities, differences, and connections to psychoanalytic approaches. Learning about the psychological theories in 19th century Viennese society, as well as class discussion and personal reflection, will enable students to explore cultural connections and relevance of the various approaches to contemporary issues. The course includes a visit to the Freud Museum, the Frankl Museum, and to the Vienna Central Cemetery.

Trigger Warning: Learning is risk taking therefore it can be life changing. The content and discussion in this course will necessarily explore human sexuality, personal behavior and experience, every week. Much of it may be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. The faculty member will flag especially graphic or intense content that discusses or represents human sexuality, personal behavior, in literature and art, and will do their best to make this classroom a space where everyone can engage bravely, empathetically, and thoughtfully with difficult content every week.

NOTE: This course is offered during the regular semester and in the summer. For summer sections, the course schedule is condensed, but the content, learning outcomes, and contact hours are the same.

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This course assumes students have taken at leastone introductory course in psychology

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