PS 272 - Psychology of Performance and Motivation: Factors and Contexts

The aim of this course is to provide a set of factors, strategies and tools that allow psychologists, educators, and other professionals in the field of human services to foster performance and well-being in the activities they are engaged in (sports and physical activity, academic life, music, professional career, etc.). This includes strategies and resources to gather information about performance demands in different environments, the difficulties experienced by those individuals who face them, and resources and strategies implemented by them. These techniques may be based upon observation and data recording and other techniques of gathering information. The course will also present intervention programs related to performance: motivation, confidence, stress and anxiety management, goal setting, time and task management, cohesion and communication, flow, and expectations and pressure management. And finally, this course will provide a framework for coaching and teaching abilities and skills that will allow the implementation of training programs where coaches and educators learn to foster those factors related to human performance in their respective activities.

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