PP/ED 200 - Inclusive Education. A Critical View on Integration Policies in the Italian Education System

Historically speaking, the origin of the inclusive education model in Italy could be traced back to the promulgation of the Italian Constitution in 1948. In 1977 the country passed an important piece of legislation known as integrazione scolastica: as a consequence of the application of this policy, all students are welcome in public schools regardless of their socio-economic background, physical and intellectual impairments, or of any other selective categorization. At the same time, special schools have been almost completely dismantled. Whenever the Italian policy context is compared to other realities in Europe, where special schools are sometimes the only available options for students with disabilities, it seems to create an ideal situation for the development of inclusive education and of a human rights approach to education. Does such perception correspond to reality?

The course aims at analyzing critically and discussing the Italian model of inclusive education, as a way to address a crucial theme for future educators, school managers and/or policymakers, citizens and parents.

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