PO/IR/EC 330 - Emerging Economies: A Global Perspective of the Causes, Consequences, and Challenges in Argentina & Chile

The course provides a theoretical framework that enables the student to understand, evaluate and identify the different types and characteristics of emerging economies within the context of globalized markets. The course examines policy and international system considerations that affect the performance of the markets and, furthermore, it explores the social and environmental impact of economic developments in both countries juxtaposed with their sociopolitical, historical, and cultural contexts. The broad concepts and theories introduced in the course will be explored primarily through case studies involving Argentina and Chile.

However, the course also incorporates an overall approach that will examine a variety of economic development processes within Latin America. Using a student-centered and participatory approach, the course asks students to explore the different models or strategies adopted by the countries in focus. They will identify the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges of the studied economic policies and trends, as well as the results observed from those decisions.

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International Relations
Political Science

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