MR 305 - Principles Of Sound: Recording And Room Acoustics For Musicians

When performing or recording music in a space, the aural environment becomes as important as understanding one’s particular instrument or voice: How do we hear and perceive sound and music? What roles can physical spaces play when practicing, performing, and recording music? What happens to one’s performance once it is captured through a microphone and becomes electricity? As the times require musicians to become increasingly more self-sufficient and acquainted with various disciplines related to their professional field – fundamentals of career management, IP law and music business practices, sound and recording, etc. – Principles of Sound Recording and Acoustics for Musicians examines the fundamentals of human hearing, sound perception and localization; characteristics of sound, room acoustics, as well as basic audio signal flow, sound in electrical form, and digital audio processing. Such basic knowledge and skills are complementary in nature, helping musicians better hear themselves, understand “their voices,” capture their performances and consequently help improve their own careers and musicianship.

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Music Production

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