MK/IB 346 - Brand Management

This course provides students with the strategic and technical tools and approaches needed to comprehensively understand and
effectively manage brands in various contexts, industries, and markets.
The course will draw on several local cases to illustrate the concepts studied: Barcelona is the home of several renowned Spanish
brands such as Mango, Desigual, SEAT, Pronovias, Roca, Freixenet, and Damm. It also serves as the Spanish headquarters for
international brands like Volkswagen and Puma. Additionally, the city hosts world-leading events like Smart Cities and the Mobile
World Congress (MWC), which have become long-standing traditions in Barcelona's exhibition scene.
The course will cover the fundamental principles of brand management through a combination of theoretical introduction and class
debates, plus an engaging activity with branding experts. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in an optional
visit to the premises or headquarters of a prominent brand in Barcelona.

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International Business

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