MK 220/320 - Marketing in Latin America

This is a 200 / 300 Marketing course intended for business and non-business students interested in cross cultural Marketing and Marketing communications planning, addressing urban Latin American markets.

Differences among Latin American countries challenge generalizations. Thus, foreign professionals working in the continent have to resort to analytical skills in order to identify the way these differences, as well as cultural and sociological traits, affect Marketing decision-making.

Thus, there is a strong emphasis in analytical skills focused in the analysis of market and local macro environmental social and cultural variables and the way they influence the demand of goods and services.

Regarding market analysis, the course stresses means and ways in order to identify values and belief systems from a social and anthropological point of view, due to the fact that in many Latin American countries aspects of modernity express themselves through market activities.

Students completing this course can work as assistants to marketing professionals specialized in Latin American markets.

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