MG/IM/IB 302 - Managing Behavior in Organizations: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

The course is designed to enhance students understanding of organizations; focus on the key knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully lead organizations; emphasis on the fundamental management competencies; and the dynamic environments in which organizations exist.

Discussion and assessment of the newest developments in organizational behavior (OB) and practice of the fundamental management competencies.

Success cases of both North American and European leading companies are used in order to enhance the understanding of successful management of behavior. Students have the opportunity to select truly global companies in accordance with the instructor within the project assigned during the semester. The course focuses on the essential concepts and practices of organizational behavior and examines the challenges of managing human behavior in organizations. Reviews foundations of modern management thought. Discusses current and emerging management topics: emphasizes leadership, motivation, communication, human relations, group dynamics, job design, organizational development, and managing a diverse workforce. The course uses many examples from Latin America to highlight the challenges of doing business internationally, and will challenge students to compare and contrast North American behaviors with Latin American behaviors.

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Industrial Management
International Business

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