JP 302I - Japanese Language in Context Emerging Independent Abroad I

This class is for students with five semesters of Japanese instruction or the equivalent. Students will be able to strengthen their reading and writing skills through various activities such as doing grammar drills, reading short essays, and writing short paragraphs. The students are given opportunities to practice their speaking through field trips, visitor sessions, or daily life. Students learn conversation strategies to communicate in real life situations smoothly.

This course is designed to strengthen what students will study in class and to promote communicative competence by interacting with people outside of classroom. Class teachers will provide students various tasks to interact with host families, center staff, friends, visitors, etc. At the end of the course, students will make presentations of their products of learning, such as promotion videos, short dramas, or research reports.

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5 semesters of Japanese instruction or equivalent. A solid background in basic grammar, speaking and listening comprehension; reading and writing ability in hiragana, katakana and approximately 600 kanji in context

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