IN/SO 395 - Internship Seminar: Social Action

This seminar aims at providing a general overview of Spanish society in terms of the functioning of the welfare state and its influence on social organization, health, and the approach of the most vulnerable groups such as the immigrant population. At the same time, the course provides support to students in carrying out their internships in areas related to social vulnerability or care.

Along the seminar, also the cultural issues that inevitably surround working within a foreign environment with hands-on experience in the Social Sector will be addressed. Students will be based in local NGOs or voluntary centers where they will assist with the organization’s tasks and immerse themselves in the issues tackled. The course will mainly be based on the intercultural knowledge that the intern stands to gain through the workplace experience. In addition to Intercultural Studies, we will also consider other diverse but related areas such as the role of the Third Sector and Social economy and Spain’s current social, political, and economic situation.

The first part of the seminar aims to guide the students through their onsite experience in a local NGO, and to relate to some of the main approaches underlying work in the care sector.

The second part will focus on particularly vulnerable populations and how the welfare state provides a specialized support, taking into consideration the latest economic, social and sanitary challenges such as the 2008 crisis in Europe and Spain and the COVID-19 consequences in society.

Finally, new economic strategies with a stronger focus on people’s wellbeing will be addressed, such as the Social and Solidarity economy, social coin and other local experiences.

The last sessions aim at enhancing students résumés and competences to approach the labor market as international interns.

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Internship Seminar

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