IN/CU 395 - Supervised Arts and Culture Internship Seminar

The Supervised Arts and Culture internship offers first-hand experience and involvement in Austrian cultural institutions, businesses and service organizations engaged in Vienna, Austria. The experiential work component of the internship is supplemented by a seminar which explores fundamental aspects of European and Austrian research and arts management approaches. Students will be exposed to nonprofit and for profit management practices in various Austrian nonprofit and/or commercial organizations. In the corresponding class students discuss the differences of management practices between American and Austrian cultural systems. Class content includes seminars and presentations on European and Austrian management practices and how they differ from the US. Students will explore Vienna by participating in excursions and management talks to the many outstanding institutions engaged in above mentioned fields. Placements include but are not limited to the areas of performing arts, music publishing companies, museums, musicology, event related nonprofit organizations, creative industries as well as business and arts.

The Internships vary depending upon the nature of the arts organization as well as the department in which the intern will work, though most of the work will consist of assigned projects, research or administrative assistance. The individual internship programs are to be agreed upon by the intern and the job supervisor by means of a mutual pre-selection process at the beginning of the semester.

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Cultural Studies
Internship Seminar

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