IN/CL 395 - Archaeological Excavation: Field Methods and Practice Internship & Seminar

The internship offers experiential learning in the theories and methods of field excavation. Students will be included in a museum project at the Archaeology Study Collection of the American Academy in Rome working with archaeological materials including sculpture, terracotta figurines, coins, bronze objects, brick stamps, and architectural elements. These materials are in the process of being organized in a definitive museum environment and are currently being documented, categorized, and photographed according to modern museographic procedures and best practices. IES Abroad students have the unique opportunity to participate as interns on the project and to have a complete hands-on experience with archaeological material and documentation. Students also learn and apply methods for stratigraphic excavation, ceramic analysis, numismatic analysis, architectural construction materials and methods, data processing and documentation. The seminar provides the necessary framework to understand the processing of materials within the context of field archaeology and research.

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