IE/EC 340 - Germany as a Location for Business and Industry in the 21st Century

Today Germany represents the biggest economy right in the middle of Europe. Germany has been an “economic locomotive” - together with the US and Japan- and a long-term “world export champion”. Now it faces dramatic challenges both domestically and internationally in the 21st century (for instance structural changes in its industry and society). Germany is also at the center of critical developments in the European Union. The financial crisis since 2008 brought additional pressure on the European economic powerhouse. How Germany answers its calling admits growing concern about transatlantic relations (TTIP) and new competitors from “Emerging Markets” (China, Russia).

The course aims to describe Germany’s economic situation today and to put it into a European and global perspective. Students will acquire the necessary background to assess future developments and challenges.

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International Political Econ

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Introductory economics

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