IB/ES 311 - Multi-Sector Strategies for Sustainability

The word sustainability is found in urban development plans, corporate, public and civil sector annual reports, academic curricula, stock market indices and myriad of other messaging and publicity sources. Many professionals working in in the field suggest that over the last three decades the term sustainability has been so widely used in so many contexts, that the term has become void of any meaning.

Impact Sustainability refers to measurable and long-term positive change driven by civil society, the private sector and government that contribute toward the longevity of our planet. Actors practicing impact sustainability demonstrate tangible and innovative approaches to improving ecosystems, reducing the impacts of climate change and health threats and ensure limited use of resources, without impeding an “acceptable” amount of economic growth. This course will introduce students to concepts and practice of sustainability efforts that have the highest potential for long-term impact and systemic change.

While in Freiburg, students will discover, observe and live impact sustainability on a daily basis. This course will introduce the concepts on a global level. They will have the opportunity to understand and embrace sustainable governance and practices in Freiburg, Germany and Europe, as well as link them to practices and implementation strategies in their home regions.

This course forms part of the IES Abroad Independent Research Program. It can be combined with the Introduction to Research Module for an additional 1 credit. 

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Environmental Studies
International Business

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no special prerequisites

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