IB 380 - Managing "Made in Italy" Companies

The course provides an overview of the luxury, fashion and design environment and an in-depth understanding of the strategic, organizational and managerial characteristics related to the main “Made in Italy” industries. “Made in Italy” in fashion and luxury industries is synonymous with artisanal, suggesting special manufacturing techniques and long-standing traditions and regional specificities. Especially in the sector of luxury and design, “Made in Italy” contributes to the added value of a product or service. However, nowadays, “Made in Italy” businesses require a range of managerial skills to enable business development, as well as a deep understanding of the specificities of the manufacturing and product development processes that give that label its power.

This course introduces students to the business management processes of “Made in Italy”, a form of branding that needs to be understood within its context. It aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand what is behind the scenes of “Made in Italy” business through familiarization with their main product categories and industries. It also intends to enable students to develop the skills necessary to manage the key business processes that contribute to the “Made in Italy” added value.

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International Business

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