IB 365 - Global Supply Chain Management

This course introduces global supply chain management.  In the competitive global marketplace, great emphasis is placed on both cost reduction and fast reaction time. Global sourcing refers to the process of locating goods and services in the most efficient manner (particularly with regard to cost and delivery times) wherever in the world they might be. The supply chain refers to both the physical activities related to delivering products and services to customers, as well as informational activities such as product design and planning.  These activities may involve the linking of different companies in this process or the coordination of different functional areas within a single company.

Students will learn the most important theories involved in supply chain management and global sourcing, and match that with actual case studies.  The course is structured to look at procurement and manufacturing, distribution and logistics, the information technology that supports the process, innovations in the supply chain that fuel China’s and global business growth, as well as the integrated administration of the entire process.

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International Business

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