IB 351 - Doing Business in Spain

International business refers to any commercial transaction between two or more countries. However, the best way to carry it out may be different from the domestic market. That is why it is necessary to understand the political and cultural differences, modes of entry, marketing, supply chain and human resources management. 

This course introduces students to business practices in a global context through case studies of international companies doing business in Europe or European companies doing business outside the continent, especially in Spain and Catalonia. In this way, students will understand in a practical way the basic concepts in international business. We will also have guest speakers and/or company visits that will help us to better understand the concepts worked on in class. 

The class format includes case presentations, group discussions, and lectures. Student participation is required throughout the course. Additionally, students will research business in Spain for midterm project, as well as introduce a product to Spain from the United States as a final project. 

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International Business

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Spanish language level of Emerging Independent Abroad II or above

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