IB 341 - Contemporary Business Issues and the EU

This participative and interactive course will give students a better understanding of the business environment in the EU and the opportunities for companies operating within its borders. Whether a small enterprise or a global business, every commercial endeavor is influenced by EU political and economic developments. The EU continues to be the most important market for U.S. businesses, as well as the biggest investor in the United States and the biggest recipient of U.S. investments. The EU key policies and strategies for increased competitiveness will be analyzed. The business opportunities resulting from deregulation and liberalization of European markets, the completion of the Single market in the areas of financial services, energy and telecoms will be discussed as well as the issues of energy security and the EU’s climate change policy. A special emphasis will be placed on the evolution and the challenges facing the Euro-zone. The opportunities in the emerging markets in Europe and the EU enlargement will be explored. The issues of sustainable international development and fair global trade will be covered extensively.

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International Business

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