HS/EC 357 - Barcelona, The "Pearl of the Mediterranean": History of Economic Success in the Modern World: From Barcelona to a Global Level

Modern Barcelona is considered as a Global city and an example of economic success in the Mediterranean. From the second half of the 20th century onwards, Barcelona’s economy underwent a process of tertiarization. For a time, the city appeared to have become a monofunctional economy based on tourism and entertainment. Today, however, information and communication services, scientific and technical activities, and transportation and logistics are gaining importance, with the ICT sector the fastest-growing economic subsector in the city. The current economy of Barcelona combines traditional industrial sectors and newly emerging business activities, resulting in an economic diversification not seen in many other European cities.
How has Barcelona reached this leading position as a tech city in the Mediterranean area? This course will tackle this question chronologically, from its role in the commercial revolution in the Middle Ages to its current recovery in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, this course deals with the main topics discussed from a gender perspective, thus emphasizing the important role played by women as agents of economic change in the city of Barcelona.

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