HS/AH/CU 390 - Living Siena: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Tuscan Culture

This research-based course, which combines lectures with field study activities and seminars, uses the remarkable surroundings of Siena to examine the different meanings attached to the past in this city. This study deepens the cultural and political importance of Siena as a 'city' throughout its history, from the strategically important Mediaeval town on the Pilgrimage Road, through the present days. Special emphasis is given to patterns of life and the role of Siena and Tuscany in the process of European integration by virtue of their multi-cultural past. The experiential work component of the class is supplemented by a seminar which explores fundamental aspects of Italian and European approaches. The students will produce a project related to their academic interest, based upon and correlated to the class main topics.

To this day, Siena thrives on an intense interest in culture that has a strong effect on the institutions, economy, practices, and identity of its inhabitants. This class offers first-hand experience and involvement in Tuscan cultural institutions (museums, churches, etc.) engaged in the fields of arts and culture. 

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Art History
Cultural Studies

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