HD/SO/ED 383 - Human Development: Breaking Barriers through Education

This course studies human development in a social context marked by rapid social, technological, and ecological change, migratory movements, globalization, and generalized forms of inequality. It focuses on central issues surrounding difference, equality, and symbolic and developmental processes involved in educational outcomes and socialization in the Spanish socio-cultural context. The course also reflects on whether education acts as an element that reduces or fosters inequalities with its approach to the vulnerability of categories such as gender, race, social class, disabilities, and other variables. The Spanish context forms the backdrop for all discussions, which aims to provide students with a contrasting perspective on the social and cultural environment in the US.

This course is framed within the IES Abroad Global Pillars which seek to bring the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) closer to IES Abroad students (Proyecto Salamanca Sensible).

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Human Development

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One prior course in one or more of the following disciplines is recommended: Sociology, Social Sciences, Education or Political Science.

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