GS/FS 325 - Gender in Italian Cinema: from Fascism to Today

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of Italian cinematic history with a special focus on gender issues. The chronological trajectory will outline the transformation of Italian society, the progressive independence of Italian women, the changing relationships between sexes, and the modification of gender roles through film. The course will start with an examination of the social position of women (and men) in Italy during the Fascist regime and the immediate post-WWII period and how this is reflected in film texts. We will then look at the social impact of the so-called miracolo economico in the sixties, the influence of technology and politics in the seventies on both the individual and the couple, and conclude with an examination of film texts by contemporary Italian film directors, including Paolo Sorrentino, Ferzàn Ozpetek, Paolo Virzì and Luca Guadagnino.   

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Film Studies
Gender Studies

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