FS 390 - London Video Film Production Workshop

This course is intended for beginners or those with some experience and/or basic skills in video filming. The class is small, usually consisting of 6 students who will work collaboratively in the pre-production and production phase of a 5-minute short film and individually in post-production. No previous knowledge or particular skills are necessary, although any knowledge or experience in related areas (such as stills photography, visual arts, film and media studies) could be useful for the course.

The course is divided into two sections. The first phase will focus on pre-production, understanding how to use the GH4R camera and editing. In pre-production, students will produce a series of documentations for a 5-minute short video comprising a pitch and proposal, script, storyboard, shot list and call sheets. In an introduction to editing, students will be provided with a technical overview of the industry-leading video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro and encouraged to consider editing as part of the whole process of film.

Once equipped with the fundamentals of editing, students will individually edit their own version of the group video project (phase two).

Phase two of the course will focus on production and post-production. Throughout the making of their group project, students will experiment in using video creatively in the sense of “authorship” or the auteur. Utilizing the students’ unique position as new to the city, the project will be related to specific London experiences. Location work, observation, and research as well as practical video skills will be employed.

Please note that students will be expected to work outside the prescribed time and therefore must be prepared (and able) to work at weekends and in the evenings.

There will be a series of practical exercises where students will be able to build a range of video skills to help make their 5-minute short video. Students will be graded on the exercises as well as the project. Students will be encouraged to explore their own creative ideas in relation to the practicalities of production.

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