FS 200 - Lights, Camera, Action: Making a Film in Rome

“Making a Fiction Film in Rome” is a hands-on introduction to writing, directing and editing short narrative films. Students participate in the development, production, direction and post-production of a short film from ten to fifteen minutes in length. This course introduces students to the technical, conceptual, and aesthetic skills involved in video production through the single camera mode of production. Still the most dominant mode of film and video production, the single camera mode places an emphasis on using the camera to fullest capacity of artistic expression. In addition to the multiple skills and concepts involved with using a camera and directing crew and actors, the course introduces students to the principles and new technologies of lighting, audio recording and non-linear digital video editing. Special focus is given to producing content for successful web distribution. The class will be divided into groups: each group will produce a short film using Rome as the main set with its distinctive outdoor and indoor locations. Students will shoot and edit the short films under the supervision of the instructor and a technical assistant specialized in new media production and postproduction. This course will teach students an independent creative approach to the digital movie making process.

Course Information

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