FR 101 - French Language in Context: Novice Abroad I

“Novice Abroad I” offers an introduction to the French language and culture, with an emphasis on the acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical concepts through a communicative and direct approach, in order to meet the immediate and urgent everyday needs of the students in various situations. Students will be the main actors of their learning in concrete situations, they will take action and perform useful tasks of daily life in French environment. They will be able to interact on familiar topics, to communicate in restaurants, shops, railway stations, airports etc. or to perform simple actions, to write simple messages, accept or decline an invitation, to give or follow orders or instructions. By the end of the course students will realize they are better assimilated into everyday French life and culture. It is a demanding, highly participatory course inside and outside the classroom that rewards daily efforts by students. The pace is quick and lively: those who commit seriously to this adventure will be surprised with the outcomes of their efforts.

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French Language

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