FI 356 - International Financial Markets and Investment

The aim of this course is to give a broad picture about international financial markets and international investments finance moving from the needs of the firm to the financial instruments available to cater to those needs. Subjects that are covered include: international financial instruments, the portfolio techniques and the risk management.

A Black Swan is costly. This statement is absolutely agreed by businessmen and professionals, particularly those facing inherent risk in their professional lives. Minimizing the cost of risk to an optimum level unanimously means that we are increasing the value of a firm and the value of any investment. Using integrated approaches and real-life cases, the course will emphasize discussion on the design and implementation of risk management practices. Basically, it purports to help students realize, and understand various state-of-the-art risk management theories and practices (such as loss control, loss financing, and internal risk reduction mechanisms) as well as their advancement in the future

The main goal is to offer both a clear framework and a set of operative tools to understand the financial markets, build up portfolios, and ensure the investor risk exposure. The whole structure of the course is applied, involves several real-world cases that are discussed in class, and is oriented to develop capabilities to understand and use international finance methodologies and practices used around the world.

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