ES/SO 360 Designing the Sustainable City

Today, around 56% of the world's population - 4.4 billion people - live in cities. This trend is expected to continue and the urban population is expected to more than double its current size by 2050, by which time around 70% of the population will be urban dwellers. Eighty percent of the world's GDP and more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated in cities, at the cost of using 78% of the planet's resources. In this sense, urbanization plays a leading role in terms of sustainable development, as it is innovative cities that are leading the response to the crisis of climate change and resource depletion, developing sustainable, resilient, and equitable living models through policies and actions that are more responsible with the communities that inhabit the urban environment. 
In the current context, the acceleration of the effects of climate change has exacerbated existing environmental problems in the Mediterranean Basin. Experts estimate that between 75% and 80% of the Spanish territory could be desert areas by the end of the century if no measures are taken.  
This course explores the principles and practices of sustainable urban design with a focus on creating livable and environmentally friendly cities. Through a combination of theory, case studies, and field trips, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of how to design cities that are socially inclusive, economically viable, and environmentally responsible. We will analyze key challenges in the city of Granada and work in groups to propose innovative solutions based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Team collaboration and the use of technology will be encouraged to design and develop proposals to address an urban sustainability problem in the city of Granada.

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Environmental Studies

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