ES/GE 320 - Mediterranean Oceanography

This course provides an overview of the main oceanographic and biological characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea, from the bathymetry, geology and chemistry of a semi-enclosed sea, to the environmental characteristics and ecological processes of different marine habitats and the current human-induced threats of climate change and invasive species. Through a broad range of topics, the course covers: (i) the particular oceanographic characteristics of the Mediterranean, with its unique chemical and hydrographic features resulting from a complex geological history and geographical position; (2) the factors affecting primary production in the Mediterranean and its consequences for fisheries and trophic chains across different ecosystems; (3) the main characteristics and ecological dynamics of the most emblematic Mediterranean ecosystems and; (4) the key challenges faced by the Mediterranean in the face of climate change, over-exploitation, pollution and invasive species. 


The course features a mandatory full-day excursion to the Delta del Ebro that will take place on a Friday.

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Environmental Studies

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