ES 305 - Technology of Renewable Energies

This course gives a general introduction of renewable energy technologies for non-engineers. The basic conversion technologies applied for turning different renewable energy sources into useful forms of energy are explained. Basic engineering knowledge for (thermal, mechanical, chemical) energy conversion is described where necessary, so that participants can assess the technical challenges and realistic efficiencies of such technologies. The technical problems facing the power grids when integrating fluctuating renewable energy sources are presented and discussed. Also, methods for assessing the environmental impacts of renewable energy deployment are introduced and implications of 100% energy systems are discussed. Where it is suitable, annotations to economic aspects of renewable energy technologies are made.

Through the course, the students should acquire a knowledge base that helps them to better assess the discussion about massive renewable energy deployment by weighing the resulting benefits and challenges and by correctly accounting for given physical and technical limits. The course is taught by engineers who adapt the technical details to a level that is understandable for non-engineers.

This course forms part of the IES Abroad Independent Research Program. It can be combined with the Introduction to Research Module for an additional 1 credit. 

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Environmental Studies

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