ER/EM 341 - Control Engineering

This course is presented as a first course of control engineering for engineering students. This course is in general terms is described
as classical feedback control of dynamics systems; and is organized in four parts. The first part will cover the mathematical modeling
of linear time invariant (LTI) dynamics systems, by using ordinary differential equations (ODE’s). This part will allow to the student
integrate different physical systems, as mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or thermal into the mathematical framework of dynamical
systems. The second part will cover the analysis of the dynamical system in the complex plane using the concept of transfer function.
Into this framework we will analyze stability. Next, study the effects of feedback loops over the response of the systems and how is
possible control by using the technique of root-locus. The third part analyzes the dynamical system studying the frequency response
via the Bode plots and develops control tools to achieve a specific time response. Finally the student will integrate in a project
associated with a relevant engineering problem the previous stages from the modeling, the parameter estimation, and the control
techniques. At the end of the course, the students will have acquired an advanced knowledge on how to tackle the control of dynamics
systems from the modeling to the control using classical techniques.

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Engineering - Electrical and Electronics
Engineering - Mechanical

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Physics. Mathematics (Complex variable). Some previous knowledge of Matlab programing

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