EM/EY 225 - Fluid Mechanics

This introductory course in Fluid Mechanics is designed for students of engineering who want to understand the behavior of fluids and
the principles that govern their motion. The course starts with a qualitative description of fluid mechanics, introducing fundamental
concepts like pressure, density, and viscosity, before moving on to more advanced topics like fluid flow, and boundary layers. Through
analyzing simple everyday observation the students will learn how to observe and analyze fluid behavior in real-world situations.
Building on these observations, students will learn how to use scaling arguments to develop a quantitative understanding of fluid
mechanics, which will lead to the development of a formal mathematical description. By the end of the course, students will have
gained a deep understanding of fluid mechanics and the ability to apply this knowledge to practical engineering problems. They will
be able to use mathematical models to predict fluid behavior, and analyze fluid-based systems, setting a solid foundation for their
future studies in mechanical engineering, bioengineering.

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Engineering - Mechanical
Engineering - Chemical

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Physics (Mechanics). Mathematics (Calculus I and II)

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