CU/FS 321 - Barcelona: Film and the City

In recent years technological development has democratized access to audiovisual creation, generating new models of narrative, which have changed our dialogue with reality and its perception, creating new visions of places and people, both in our environment and in our trips abroad.

This hands-on course aims to provide students with the basic theoretical and practical tools to perform and produce documentaries, linear or expanded, in discourse with other film forms, offering a refreshing look at the different aspects of reality.

By mapping the different faces of the city of Barcelona students will develop their intercultural skills and their own critical view. They will be encouraged to transform their intuitions, ideas and emotions into visual narratives in order to offer visions of different aspects of the city.

The students will produce a short documentary film that will explore a subject that defines the image of Barcelona, taking as inspiration not just the documentary as genre but other strategies used by video essayists.

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Cultural Studies
Film Studies

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Students registered in this class should bring a camera with which they can film video footage. An SLR reflex camera with video function is ideal, although another type of video camera would also be suitable.

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