CM/IB 349 - Negotiation and Conflict Management Techniques

This course is designed to provide students with the skills to negotiate life, providing them with approaches to create a sustainable, equitable, and fair world, based on the resolution of conflict.  Negotiation is a socially interactive process of joint decision-making, and the premise of this course is to help students become resilient by leveraging techniques to manage conflict as a natural process.  The course takes negotiation and conflict management theories and uses them to resolve problems across myriad domains related to workplace diversity, environmental solutions to sustainability, resource allocation between countries, diplomacy, and commercial disputes. We will also consider the role of mediation in helping others find creative solutions to disputes, whatever their nature. In a practical sense, we will look at a rainbow of scenarios from haggle-type negotiations on price all the way to complex multi-stakeholder negotiations dealing with community and environmental issues, international takeovers, and negotiating climate change.

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International Business

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This course is aimed at second year students or above majoring in Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Communications or Business.

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