CL/AH 265 - Classical Mythology: Gods and Heroes of Greece and Rome

The course offers an introduction to Greek and Roman myths, legends and sagas that occupy an important place in Western culture as manifest in philosophy, music, art and religion.  Timeless themes of love and war are woven together with those of family ties and friendship, lost innocence, guile, intrigues and ruthless revenge in an interdisciplinary approach to ancient literature’s dialogue with the fine arts.  Using English translations of Homer, Virgil, Ovid, and of other classical authors, the course brings to the fore interpretations of ancient myths across media, with special emphasis on the context of Rome.  It surveys the reception and appropriation of myths over the ancient, Renaissance, Baroque and modern periods, exploring frescoed villas, papal palaces and their collections of masterful paintings and sculptural groups.

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Art History

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